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medieval-war-moviesWarfare was a significant part of medieval life and the tactics remained suprisingly consistent for nearly 1,000 years. Yet, contrary to what is displayed in most medieval war movies, the majority of conflicts were seiges of the numerous fortified strongholds across Europe, rather than set battles in the open field. Also, with the exception of such larger national conflicts as the Hundred Years War, The Crusades, and the Byzantine Wars, medieval wars were typically local affairs that took place between neighbouring feudal lords.

Although the typical image of medieval warfare is one of mounted knights arrayed in battle, the impact of cavalry was typically minimal. The main fighting force was always the infantry. In the early medieval period cavalry forces sometimes had a decisive effect at crucial moments of battle, but in the later medieval period the infantry became increasingly effective against cavalry assaults, namely through the tactical use of weapons like the pike and halberd. Also, the introduction of the long bow in the 14th century had a drastic impact on battlefield tactics. Another innovation of the later medieval era was the use of gunpowder. Although it's use was minimal in the late medieval era, it permanently altered military tactics in subsequent centuries.

Medieval war movies have received a fair amount of attention from movie producers. However, most medieval war movies have focused on the Crusades or the Hundred Years War between England and France. There is a surprising lack of medieval war movies that showcase the numerous wars which occured in Eastern Europe and those between the Byzantine Empire and the Arab powers.


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