World War II Movies

wwii-war-moviesWorld War II, a truly global conflict, was the most devastating war in human history. No other war witnessed the same level of destruction in lives, material, and property - only World War I comes close. It began in the late 1930's with Japanese expansionism throughout the Pacific and Asia and then with the European conflict that erupted between Germany and the Anglo-French alliance in 1939. It eventually involved nearly every nation of the world in some form or another. It finally ended in 1945, ushering in a new world order that became dominated by The United States and The Soviet Union - erstwhile allies.  There have been many more movies made about World War II than about any other war. This is partly due to the fact that the war occured during the golden age of film making, but mostly due to the enormous impact that WWII had on the modern world. While this list of WWII movies is certainly not exhaustive, it is extensive and includes those that are generally regarded as the best World War II movies.

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